Heat Treatment

Mesh Belt Type Continuous Furnace With Muffle



  • Reduction of human power and energy
  • Simple operation
  • Automatic charging mechanism
  • Safety
  • High performance
  • Availability for water quenching or oilquenching material


  • Bright Quenching and carburizing of various kinds of metal

Product Categories

  • Shaker hearth type
  • Mesh belt type
  • Pusher type

The Furnace offer advantages as

  • Saving of investment and gas consumption
  • Automatic cycle of treatment
  • Precise and constant temperature control
  • Saving energy due to the high quality of the insulating materials used
  • Easy maintaince owing to a well thought out construction

General description

The furnaces are used for heat treatment mass-produced pieces, such as bolts, springs, needles, sintered parts, bearing parts, parts of office machine, sewing machine and fastener of various appliance. By adjoining a washing machine after the pieces have been collected from the quenching thank, and a tempering conveyor furnace an entirely automatic installation is obtained which can easily be fitted in a mass production chain.